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Concept Test

Concept tests provide essential insights for designing a product or service. This technique allows you to better focus on product characteristics which have a direct impact on your customer preferences. Thus it improves your product or service market match.

LABEL R&C can provide a couple of methods of concept testing. Each has different goals and can provide different benefits :

Concept of a new product :
To identify the most important benefits to your customers and characteristics those are most likely to create those benefits. You need to identify and prioritize customer needs for product development and promotion. This type of concept test can also test customer initial reactions to the concept (Reaction and Adoption Test).

Product Upgrade Tests :
Modifications and upgrades can create new life to already existing products and services. With a product upgrade test, identifying the optimal bundle of characteristics is a priority. It is critical to differentiate and prioritize the release of new features that are [need to haves] vs. [nice to haves] so you can create products and services that are truly [new and improved], or worthy of a new release or upgrade.

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Market Launch

The success of your new product or service depends on how it fits to customers needs and how it fills a demand in the market place. Thus, it is important to gather all essential information and insights from targeted clients prior launching a new product at commercial volumes.

By understanding what your audience finds important, you will be able to decide on how to best promote your launch. You will understand the best manner to use for advertisements, as well as any concerns your audience has that you can address and alleviate.

LABEL R&C can carry out quantitative or qualitative studies to identify if your product were suit to the market and to from you fixed objectives or should you modify certain elements to get better results.

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Product Test

Product testing is the single most valuable market research approach to know if their products are fit to customers needs. The multiple use advantages of such procedure include:

Improving product performance and customer satisfaction.
Determine product features positioning against competitive products
Reducing the production costs (ie. packaging)
Understanding competitive strengths and weaknesses.
Measuring the effects of price, brand name, or packaging upon perceived product performance/quality.
Provide guidance to research and development in creating new products or upgrading existing products.
Predict consumer acceptance of new products

LABEL R&C use quantitative (especially tests in CLT or in-Home) or qualitative studies among required consumers audience to test your products.

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Position of products or services should be set to be durable. It is the reason that a consumer decides to buy your product and not another. Thus it plans the unique selling argument in the minds of your target prospects.

Positioning gives your product or brand a specific place in the mind of tour customers. They will associate your product / brand with specific benefit, feature or emotion that are different with those of your concurrence. Ones your competitors weakly provide or do not provide at all.

LABEL R&C opts for qualitative approach for positioning research. The use could be :
Identifying the elementary features, benefits, and emotions of your product / service
Adopting a language which resonates with your customers
Screen messages with concept testing
Develop marketing communications strategy

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