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Consumer Products & Retail

They are broad category which covers mass-market items. Basically bought by households or individuals, they are for common or daily use.

From Household products, grocery, personal care items up to pharmaceuticals, the consumer goods sector is slewed by a variety of consumer and industry factors that are making the retail environment particularly challenging. Consumers continually adjust their purchase priorities patterns according to their own disposable income challenges. Retailers and manufacturers are caught between the need to provide value while trying to gain share, keep their brands relevant and generate shareholder value. As the environment for consumer goods becomes increasingly difficult, the ability to remain agile, innovative and profitable is crucial.

LABEL R&C s research solutions give producers, importers, retailers and marketers the needed support to identify the commercial potential of their products, especially FMCG, through several measurements resulted from different interacting methods with targeted consumers:

Brand image and equity
Consumer satisfaction and loyalty
Attitudes & usages
Taste and sniff test
Customer lifestyle and behavior
Content preferences and media usage
Market share

We bring expertise in working with consumer goods companies of all categories. First, we listen to your business goals to suggest quantitative or qualitative research solutions to create a deep understanding of your issues with consumers, shoppers, brands, categories and retailers. Then, we deliver [at your choice] either deep market analysis and recommendations or just clean data to drive confident business decisions for your brands and portfolios.

Health- / Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals

LABEL R&C serves national and international firms, providing healthcare, pharmaceutical and personal care research solutions. Our healthcare research services include recruiting, data collection, scheduling through compliance & incentives management up to data processing.

Our dedicated healthcare team has a medical background. Our ability to recruit suitable respondents and our extensive skills base allow us to cost-effectively and professionally deliver the data you need.

Our panel book contains thousands of physicians (General, Specialists and Subspecialists), Nurses, Pharmacists, patients other allied healthcare professionals across whole France ready to share their opinions through our surveys.

Qualitative Research Services:
Recruitment and data collection
Using our online interviewing solution or our on-site phoning service.

Quantitative Research Services:
At your own choice data collection solutions from sample access [Redirects]
Data processing.


We also serve our clients with Business-to-business research through qualitative and quantitative techniques. We dispose about experienced consultants able to conduct high value qualitative interviews with your requested target. Given that most of the B2B surveys are carried Online, per phone or in-Office, our interviews could be audio recorded and transcripted in local language or/and in English. We can intervene as one-stop agency by incorporating all research phases from recruitment until analysis. If you have own capabilities, we can provide single services in the process as only recruitment, fieldwork or just the analysis of already available raw data. Our approach is to collaborate with you in an interactive manner to ensure getting the right answers requested through the research. Our non-exhaustive list of B2B research topics:

Competitive Research
B2B Customer Satisfaction
Brand Equity
Opportunities Research
Employees Satisfaction
Desk research


Our research services for the automotive sector consist to bring an insight or data from a car market, desires and perception, customer service assessing or user satisfaction in a country or a car segment. We can also assist our clients in their ad campaign about its impact on customer s needs.

Given that more and more new technologies increasingly are being introduced within the new generation of tourism vehicle, market research were essential for automotive brands to identify the real need of the users, intuitive usability and reliability of those new on-board instruments.

We apply quantitative as qualitative approaches to gain requested insight from the client. Most of the clients prefer to use the car-clinic method to deep explore the preferences of the end users. However, other methods are also used in automotive research as group discussion and in-depth for the F2F approach. On the other hand, we are assisting on an increasing demand of online tools as bulletin boards and online communities to provide the requested data.


LABEL R&C provides effective tourism / sport researches touching the most important facets of the leisure industries. Whether the object is to identify the development potential of your product, service or destination, our market research solutions allow you to better understand your customer s needs and preferences and help you to anticipate their motivation to adopt your service and/or destination.
Our non-exhaustive list of Leisure research topics:

Visitors satisfaction and segmentation
Foreign visitors behavior and motivation
Exploration of new attraction opportunities
Passengers satisfaction and loyalty
Pre-/Post-advertising evaluation

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