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To get a successfully marketing, all products and concepts should first go through customer testing. This will help clients to gain a first insight into consumer expectations and preferences.
LABEL R&C organize testing researches depending on clients needs and on product/service nature:

Branding and pricing
Packaging assessment
Current awareness
Interest and purchase intention

The tests could be carried supervisor controlled within a CLT or through a HUT (Home Use Test).

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LABEL R&C carries couple of sensory surveys each year. Our clients are known producers of food & drink products, fragrance developers, beauty & cosmetics brands and other market research institutes. The aim of a sensory test is to uncover the emotional perception that customers should feel towards taste or/and smell of a product. Our sensory surveys are often carried face-to-face in central locations. The tests are most often sniff and taste tests for cosmetic/personal care and food products industries.

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Observation is one of the oldest market research approaches. It consists to directly observe customers to identify how they react to various stimuli. The most used observational research technique is focus group discussion as qualitative way and tracking surveys as quantitative. Retail marketers use observational techniques to in example record purchasing behavior or product package preference.

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Minorities Research

Sometimes, marketing campaigns and market research operations fail to reach customers preferences issued from ethnic minorities. As results, companies, manufactures and retailers lost lot of profitable markets.
Targeting consumers with a minority background within a marketing approach, could help entire sectors to achieve commercial success and to gain recognition as good citizen s corporate.
At LABEL R&C, we use our extensive community panels for market research purposes and successfully engage people from various backgrounds and with different levels of need. Our research methods conform to the cultural values and modes of communication of the communities investigated.
LABEL R&C can provide :

Define target audiences, based on knowledge of how minority interacts with gender, generation, religion and lifestyle.

Access to communities, ensure participation in research and generate high-quality and valid data.

Providing analysis and practical recommendations.

Depending on requested approach, we can use either quantitative or qualitative method.
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