Concept & Product Tests

From Household products, grocery, personal care items up to pharmaceuticals, the consumer goods sector is slewed by a variety of consumer and industry factors that are making the retail environment particularly challenging.

Test your products with us


LABEL R&C s research solutions give producers, importers, retailers and marketers the needed support to identify the commercial potential of their products, especially FMCG, through several measurements resulted from different interacting methods with targeted consumers:


  • Brand image and equity
  • Consumer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attitudes & usages
  • Taste and sniff test
  • Customer lifestyle and behavior
  • Pricing
  • Content preferences and media usage
  • Market share

Our Input

We bring expertise in working with consumer goods companies of all categories. First, we listen to your business goals to suggest one of our research technics solution to create a deep understanding of your issues with consumers, shoppers, brands, categories and retailers. Then, we deliver [at your choice] either deep market analysis and recommendations or just clean data to drive confident business decisions for your brands and portfolios.

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