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The utility of market research is to deliver rapid and ready-to-use consumer insights to companies to help them understand the changes of behavior and attitudes during the current outbreak. It is an evidence that attitudes are affected and the consumer are aware that they are doing things differently since the beginning of the pandemic. All we need to do is to ask them. Market Research is still vital to understand what's going on in consumers' minds. Especially in these crisis times. We expose here only two of many other reasons:

1- In spite of the pandemic, people continue to consume. But they do it differently. Some products and services have even experienced exceptional demand increase since the beginning of the pandemic. Market research helps companies adjust to budding social and economic changes. Even if these changes show conservative attitudes, companies need to know that information to revise their strategies.

2-Consumer are available for surveys. It might sound surprising, but people are willing to participate on surveys and gave their opinion and thoughts to different topic. We have experienced this since the beginning of the outbreak. Limited human interaction could be the catalyst and a major damper on one’s mental wellbeing.

How we fieldwork Market Research surveys during the pandemic:


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