In-store Surveys

Instore-Insight® is the research solution developed by LABEL R&C for your needs in research within stores POS or at their exit.

Instore Insight


Converting shoppers into active buyers requires detailed insights from the store interior. Different information within the store, from queue length and service quality to POS displays and product availability, could change the shopper’s behavior. This information will help retailers develop more effective in-store marketing strategies. This is particularly benefic for retailers who are trying to grow their sales or want to test new store/products disposition. Our method helps to capture accurate intelligence parameters about what shoppers are doing within the store in real-time


  • Mystery Shopping
  • Brand Awarness
  • Measuring Campaign Effectiveness
  • Traffic Awarness within the store
  • Eye-Tracking operations
  • User Experience in-situ
  • Flow Performance of individual stores

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